We (WiDS AI & ML Sweden) are creating a database that everyone can use to more easily find great women who can speak about topics in the fields of Data Science, AI & ML for their events. Our hope is that this database will help improve the diversity of speakers at AI and DS events in Europe!

Please help us add to the database by nominating some of your favorite women whom you have heard speak.* You can also nominate yourself!

*Note that we will make sure to get permission from the nominees before adding them to the database.


Anna square
Barbara Livieri
Celine Xu
Dhiana Deva
Farnaz Motamediyan
Fatemeh Rahimian
Fatemeh Seifan
Frida Rimark
Galina Esther Shubina
Helga Westerlind
Judith Bütepage
Luba Weissmann
Lucie Gattepaille
Maria Gerontini
Rebecca Oskarsson
Rosa Lönneborg
Roxana Pamfil
Samantha Lam
Sanne van Waveren
Styliani (Stella) Katsarou
Thuy Ngoc Tran