Maddy Renström

Engineering Manager, Machine Learning @ King

Stockholm, Sweden

What would you like to talk about? AI in games, career advice, leadership, AI strategy, academia vs industry.

Bio: I am passionate about AI and big data. I have experience working as a Data Scientist with the focus of utilizing big data in driving the success of the world’s top mobile game Candy Crush franchise for many years, and leading multifunctional data science and machine learning teams in business. Prior to business environment, I hold a Ph.D. in Computing Science from University of Alberta, with 8 years of research experience in AI, ML, imaging and computer vision. After enjoying and participating in competitive programming for many years, I am also a part of the organizers of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) for over 15 years, enabling bright minds in Computer Science to excel.

Maddy has previously spoken at a WiDS AI & ML Sweden event.