Maria Gerontini

Senior Data Scientist @ King

Stockholm, Sweden

What would you like to talk about? Data Science within the Game Industry. EDA on games. How to set up the analytics pipeline for a game. Game analytics. Analysis/Predictions on gameplay behaviors

Bio: I am a senior data scientist at King, the game studio behind the world’s top mobile game Candy Crush. Prior to my current role, I worked as a Data Scientist at Embark Studios supporting the development of the games ARC Raiders and The Finals; and before that she spent seven years at DICE (Electronic Arts) as an Advanced Data Analyst where I led the analytical efforts on AAA titles such as the highly acclaimed Battlefield series, Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars Battlefront. My greatest passions in game analytics involve game balancing and matchmaking as well as assessing and tuning gameplay experience. I hold a MSc in Machine Learning from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a BSc in Computer Science from Athens University of Economics and Business. In my spare time I like playing the clarinet and…obviously video games

Maria has previously spoken at a WiDS AI & ML Sweden event.