Samantha Lam

Director of Data Science @ Mentimeter

Stockholm, Sweden

What would you like to talk about? Differences between data science in academia and industry, why diversity in data science in beneficial, the science in data science, different data organisational setups in industry

My greatest interest is using data to understand why things are the way they are. I began with a theoretical background in mathematics and AI and mid-way through a PhD in information retrieval I realised my future was not in academia and started working as a data scientist in industry. Since then I have gained a broad range of data-related skills, from applying random forest algorithms to cluster user profiles to hands-on analytics to inform business stakeholders on how we should adapt product offerings to users – I enjoy working in and encouraging others to work in a data-driven way. Other key experiences I have include A/B testing, BI/dashboard visualisation and reporting, automation; and most recently, recruitment and leadership for others in similar competencies.