WiDS Sweden Mentorship Program

We’re launching the 2nd edition of our Mentorship Program

  • The numbers of participants is not predefined, but it will be highly influenced by the number of mentors. You can apply as both a mentor and as a mentee, so please consider applying for both
  • The duration of the program is 6 months, even though some goals might take less than 6 months

Why should you participate?


As a mentee, you can get support for transitioning into your first / next role, and for expanding your skillset


As a mentor, you can get experience about coaching and mentoring, which could help you develop as well

The program covers multiple topics

Career advice

Find your 1st or next job, networking, etc.

Communication skills

Data visualization, storytelling, etc.

Technical skills

Stats, ML modeling, Data engineering, etc.

Leadership skills

Developing people and teams, stakeholder management, etc

Self leadership skills

Ways of working, create a development plan