Women in Data Sciencei (AI&ML) Sweden is a non-profit organization and a community for professionals in: Data ScienceMachine LearningArtificial intelligence and more

Our goal is to create, inspire and support a strong community for women technologists in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI in Sweden.

We believe (and data supports us) that it is essential that AI technologies are developed by a diverse and inclusive group of people.

Our network currently counts 1.6K women in the field in Sweden and has kicked off a number of long-term projects including mentorship program, speaker database, and a talent survey.

what we do


Our events are organized by female data scientists and feature only women on stage. However, participants of all genders and backgrounds are more than welcome to attend! Most talks are intentionally fairly technical and aimed towards current or aspiring data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers, as well as other AI experts. In the past 5 years, we have organized 5 annual conference of WiDS Stockholm in association with Stanford WiDS global initiative as well as multiple miniconferences and social events.


Our goal is to create, inspire and support a strong community for women technologists. Our network currently has 1.6K women in the field in Sweden in our Facebook group, as well as a LinkedIn page and community. Our community consists primarily of women in data science, machine learning, AI, data analytics and data engineering, as well as students and others technical practitioners interested in entering the field.


WiDS Sweden runs a once a year mentorship program and has launched a women speaker database to showcase great women in data science, ML & AI in Sweden and allow other event organizers to create more diverse speaker lineups. Stay tuned for more projects!

our organizers

Galina Esther Shubina

AI Technologist & Partner
@ Gradient Descent

Sahar Asadi

AI Research Lead
@ King

Rebecka Jacobsson

Machine Learning Lead
@ Zettle

Antonina Danylenko

Machine Learning Engineering Manager
@ Spotify

Anna Baecklund

Head of Data Scientist

Celine Xu

Lead Data Scientist
@ H&M

Barbara Livieri

Senior Data Scientist
@ Spotify


Kathleen Myrestam

Project manager @ WiDS
Student @ Lund University