Katie Myrestam

María García

Speakers list María García Data Scientist, IKEA Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands Linkedin What would you like to talk about? Understanding business challenges, data science projects in retail industry Bio: I’m a data scientist motivated by uncovering actionable insights using data, statistics and machine learning. I enjoy working on new challenges, coaching junior professionals and putting myself …

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Hedvig Kjellström

Speakers list Hedvig Kjellström Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Icon-graduation-hat What would you like to talk about? AI with a human in the loop. Bio: Hedvig Kjellström is a Professor in the Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. She is also a Guest …

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Sabine Crevoisier

Speakers list Sabine Crevoisier Senior Data Scientist, King Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin What would you like to talk about? AB testing, python, system design, recommender systems. Bio: 10+ years experienced engineer and data scientist with proven success in providing actionable insights to businesses and driving technical projects. My career has evolved from analysing and interpreting scientific …

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Lillian Carrasquillo

Speakers list Lillian Carrasquillo Head of Data and Insights, Audiobooks & Gated Content @ Spotify Boston, MA, USA Linkedin Youtube Link Bio: I have 2 little girls and I spend a lot of time watching them learn the world. Aside from that I enjoy reading novels and nonfiction, learning violin and watercolor, and generally trying …

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Maddy Renström

Speakers list Maddy Renström Engineering Manager, Machine Learning @ King Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Youtube What would you like to talk about? AI in games, career advice, leadership, AI strategy, academia vs industry. Bio: I am passionate about AI and big data. I have experience working as a Data Scientist with the focus of utilizing big …

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Tonia Danylenko

Speakers list Tonia Danylenko PRODUCT AREA ENGINEERING LEAD @ SPOTIFY Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Spotify What would you like to talk about? ML, Building teams, ways of working, recommendation systems. Bio: I have a research background and have been working in recommendation system domain for the last 7 years. Tonia has previously spoken at a WiDS …

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Kunru Chen

Speakers list Kunru Chen PhD Student Halmstad, Sweden Linkedin Link What would you like to talk about? Activity Recognition Bio: My research interest is mainly in the area of learning representation, activity recognition, and semi-supervised learning on time-series data. Kunru has previously spoken at a WiDS AI & ML Sweden event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVVdkN02srg

Neli Tsereteli

Speakers list Neli Tsereteli Data Analyst at IKEA Malmö, Sweden Linkedin Researchgate Bio: With a background in cognitive sciences and epidemiology, getting fascinated with data science was only a matter of time. I have worked with clinical research on topics such as diabetes, obesity, and coronavirus and am now broadening my skillset by learning about …

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Sahar Asadi

Speakers list Sahar Asadi Director of AI Labs at King Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Youtube Youtube What would you like to talk about?Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, AI for Games, Data Science, User Understanding, Metrics Bio: I am heading up AI Labs at King where I drive AI research for the games. I obtained her …

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Viktoriia Oliinyk

Speakers list Afrooz Ebadat Lead Data Scientist Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Graduation-cap What would you like to talk about? Machine learning applications in banking, Synthetic data generation and explainable AI. Bio: As a lead data scientist, I have been responsible for managing and helping the data science team, planning projects and building analytic models. One of …

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