Graph Theory and Network Analysis

Fatemeh Rahimian

Speakers list Fatemeh Rahimian Senior Researcher Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Icon-graduation-hat What would you like to talk about? Graph analytics, Text analytics Bio: I am generally interested in “learning from data” by using various mathematical and statistical techniques, including Graph Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I am a researcher in the field of big data …

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Samantha Lam

Speakers list Samantha Lam Independent Analytics Consultant Stockholm, Sweden Linkedin Link What would you like to talk about? Collaboration in data science, why diversity in data science in important, how to pick the right data tools for your needs, different data organisational setups in industry, how to help stakeholders understand why they want data solutions. …

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Roxana Pamfil

Speakers list Roxana Pamfil Data Scientist @ QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company London, United Kingdom Linkedin Youtube Icon-graduation-hat What would you like to talk about? Causal inference in practice Bio: I completed a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Oxford and I am currently a data scientist, working with clients from different sectors. I like keeping up …

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